IMPORTANT: THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES any iPad Pro® and is optimized for the Apple Pencil®. Some of the tools in this application are smaller than would normally respond to a finger touch, but perfect for the precision of the Apple Pencil®. With it, this app is a lot of fun and can be a very serious sketching tool.
My Art Tools available on the App Store   $4.99
Press Kit:

"When I went to art school there were no personal computers, and it wasn't until the Mac II came out with a color monitor (1987-ish), that I became interested in working on-screen," shares Richard Hoeper, creator of MyArtTools. "I was 41 and began using a program called Director developing interactive presentations and frame-by-frame hand-sketched animation. Director had a scripting language, which I learned how to write, and that was the beginning of my interest in programming. Over the years I taught myself how to code in several languages, eventually falling into Apple's Objective C and then Swift while working for an educational enterprise company."

"I was always frustrated with the iPad drawing apps I used, they failed to provide digital equivalents of the tools used with my drawing pad. None of the apps gave me the feeling of using pastels, brushes, conte and other media. With the release of the iPad 2 in 2011, I developed a proof-of-concept for a drawing app but was frustrated with attempting to create precision drawing tools when a finger or standard stylus was used as a drawing tool. The precision just wasn't there. Then came the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, which were game changers for me."

"I'm proud of the results of my work, the app's tools look quite similar to what can be found on canvas or paper in any artist's studio. The debut of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil helped the app come into its own. It has taken two years to mature the app in Swift, and to refine it down to the artistic tools that version 2.5 offers."