Top-Menu Bar Overview

THIS APPLICATION is optimized for the Apple PencilĀ® and REQUIRES an iPadĀ® that supports the Apple Pencil. Some of the tools in this application are smaller than would normally respond to a finger touch, but perfect for the precision of the Apple Pencil®. With it, this app is a lot of fun and can be a very serious sketching tool.

The iPad Pro® has a high resolution screen, so with graphics, memory use can grow quickly as a composition becomes more complex. Look at "Layer Panel" and "Color Wells and Picker" for some ideas on how to combine layers to reduce the memory costs of a composition.

Two compostions can be open at the same time. One in portrait orientation, and one in landscape orientation.

Tools: This will toggle the drawing and painting tools panel on or off.

Layers: This will toggle the layers panel on or off.

Color Palette: This button slides the gradient palette in the bottom right into or out of the canvas.

Lock: This toggles the zoom lock on or off. When the lock is on, the screen cannot be zoomed or repositioned. Turn the lock off to zoom and reposition the screen. This tool is very useful when working with the Lines and Shape tools.

Hand Rest: Use the hand rest panel while drawing to help prevent unwanted finger painting.

Tool Properties: This panel contains various settings for each tool. See the "Tool Properties" link for more details.

Background Color: This will open the color picker from which a color can be chosen for the global background color of the canvas. By default, the global background color is transparent. Change it as needed. Reverting to the transparent background color can be useful when combining layers (see "Layer Panel" and "Color Wells and Picker" for more details).

Clear: This button will clear all drawing from the currently active layer. A prompt will be given providing a Yes to clear the layer or No to cancel.

File: This opens the file menu with four options: New File, Open Layered File, Save to Photo Album, or Save as Layered File.

Share: This opens the share panel. Currently, it's possible to share a drawing or painting using Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Weibo.

This little button will slide the Top Menu Bar up away from the canvas. It will also close several other panels that may be open. The triangle will flip to point down to reopen the menu bar.