IMPORTANT: THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES any iPad Pro® and is optimized for the Apple Pencil®. Some of the tools in this application are smaller than would normally respond to a finger touch, but perfect for the precision of the Apple Pencil®. With the pencil this app is a lot of fun and can be a very serious sketching tool.
My Art Tools available on the App Store   $4.99
Features & Benefits
  • As an Artistic Tool:
    • 16 Drawing, sketching and painting tools
    • Multiple drawing layers
    • Import images from the Photos Album
    • Capture images with the cameras
    • Share using Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo
    • Open and save files
  • As a Business Tool (all of the above plus):
    • Create multi-layered presentations
    • Wireless to TV using Apple TV and AirPlay
    • Rapid prototype designs
  • Help files included

As an artist I wanted the equivalent of my drawing pad onscreen with virtual drawing and painting tools that suited me. Various applications I've tried didn't solve this problem to my satisfaction. So over five years I built this application. The results of this application's tools look very similar to what can be found on canvas or paper in my studio. Now, instead of canvas or drawing paper, I take my iPad Pro® with me and sketch with it.

重要:此应用程序需要ApplePencil®和iPadPro®。 作为一个艺术家,我想在屏幕上的虚拟绘图工具等同于我的绘图板。 我尝试了各种应用程序,但我不满意他们。 所以五年来我建立这个程序。 这个应用程序的工具的结果看起来非常类似于我的工作室画布或纸上的绘图。 现在我拿我的iPad Pro与我,当我画。